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A short course in building confidence and exceptional customer service

Our Hospitality Foundations course provides essential insights into the industry, offering a comprehensive foundation for newcomers.

Ideal for beginners, this course covers appearance, etiquette, and setting, serving and clearing a table; emphasising core principles and practical knowledge.

Where: Mornington

When: Mon 18th March 6-9pm 

Cost: $90 per person

Our classes are small offering tailored one on one support and will be capped at 10 participants. 

Presented by Chloe Glenn,
Founder at Secret Garden Events.

Chloe brings over two decades of rich hospitality experience, navigating fine dining, wineries, and cafes, with roles ranging from manager to general manager. Her experience extends to managing super yachts in Europe, orchestrating over 250 weddings in the UK, and possessing specialised butler training.

A short course in building confidence and exceptional customer service



We emphasise the importance of professionalism. This includes wearing a clean uniform, maintaining well-groomed hair, standing tall with confidence, keeping clean hands, and ensuring a polished and approachable image in the workplace.



We emphasise key aspects of professional conduct. Participants will learn the value of a warm smile, courteous greetings and goodbyes, maintaining politeness, being aware of surroundings, handling difficult customers with grace, addressing spillages promptly, keeping phones away for undivided attention, making eye contact, and showcasing initiative for a positive and polished interpersonal approach.



Participants will master the art of setting, serving and clearing tables. This involves placement of cutlery, plates and glasses. Attendees will also learn the importance of menu familiarity, awareness of table numbers, and correct serving techniques for both food and drinks. Additionally, the course covers key skills such as continuous awareness of surroundings, the clearing of nearby tables en route to the kitchen, efficient carrying of three plates, and safely handling a tray of glasses for seamless table service.


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